5 Applications to Simplify The Duty Time

5 Applications to Simplify The Duty Time

August 3, 2017

PressRelease)Responding to requests from customers, Small business software developer Halfpricesoft.com has added several new features for improved control and flexibility in the 2011 variant of its popular payroll applications ezPaycheck Alternatives and more controls in the 2011 variant of ezPaycheck payroll software allow small business owners to better customize the software to fit their payroll needs and the way in which they work. Developed by Halfpricesoft.com, ezPaycheck is payroll processing and paycheck printing applications designed for small businesses. Known for its flexibility and affordability (accessible for a little as $89 per facility), ezPaycheck lets small business owners to automate their payroll tasks on computer, saving them time and reducing errors, minus the customary high price and complexity of competing applications titles. The latest variant of ezPaycheck supplies users with even more control and flexibility. New attributes, like reporting dates that were customized, flexible tax setup options, and data export functions meet the needs of small businesses and non-profit organizations with reporting needs and unique payroll. “Our customers asked for more choices and controls and we gave it to them,” said Halfpricesoft.com founder Dr. “The characteristics we’ve added to this latest variation were requested cheap editing software directly by our already-satisfied customers. They like ezPaycheck’s not difficult -to-use affordability and simplicity, but some businesses and organizations have exceptional payroll needs which were not addressed in previous editions. Simplifying the fiscal tasks of small business owners is our number one goal, then when our customers speak up, we listen.” – Customizable Payroll Reporting Dates and Export Feature With ezPaycheck 2011, users aren’t any longer limited to quarterly and annual payroll reports. Now employers can pick dates that are customized making it simpler to see payroll advice for any time period at a glance. п»ї


An easy-to-use export function makes reports use the advice with other applications and simpler to share with others. – Auto-fill Paycheck Data Feature No more entering other persistent info on paychecks and dates. EzPaycheck 2011 recalls certain data fields, including check printing dates and ending dates and pay period beginning, from previous pay periods and upgrades the info on checks in the present pay period. – Customizable Tax and Tax Write-Off Characteristics Now users have more control over tax computation and deductions for organizations with exceptional tax scenarios. This feature probably will be popular with non-profits and religious organizations like clergy who do not require to pay FICA taxes, with circumstances that are unique. – Worker List Export Feature This characteristic makes it easier to share employee and payroll information from ezPaycheck with other software, including ezW2, the popular W2 and 1099 form printing software from Halfpricesoft.com. – Income tax rate updates ezPaycheck 2011 additionally comprises Halfpricesoft.com’s yearly upgrade of tax tables. Tax rates for all 50 states, Washington D.C., and national taxes are updated with 2011 figures.

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Of course, ezPaycheck 2011 still contains all the popular payroll processing and paycheck printing features of previous versions: – Intuitive easy-to-use interface designed to make payroll processing simple even for companies without an accounting or computer background – Multiple choices for check-printing formats: check in-middle, check-on-base or check-on-top – Alternatives for printing Form 940 and Form 941 – Alternative for concealing worker Social Security Numbers on check stubs – Elastic check report alternatives Free 30-day Trial to Ensure Satisfaction Customers can attempt ezPaycheck 2011 Payroll Tax Solution without obligation or charge for up to 30 days. The trial software includes all functions and of the features of the full version enabling customers to thoroughly test drive the merchandise. Once customers are met that ezPaycheck 2011 will meet their needs, a license key are available for $89 per installment to activate the software for unlimited use. To make sampling ezPaycheck 2011 even simpler, the free download contains a sample database. Customers do not have to waste time before sampling the software’s many features entering employee data – go and only upload the sample database. License keys and ezPaycheck 2011 download are available online at. Or assess the video ezPaycheck Made Your Payroll A Simple Job ezPaycheck 2011 is developed and distributed by Halfpricesoft.com, a Louisville, Ky.-based business committed to creating easy-to-use and affordable financial applications for small businesses. Additional titles available from Halfpricesoft.com contain ezW2, ezCheck Printing, ezCheck Personal Edition, ezBarcodePrinting and ezTimeSheet. To find out more about ezPaycheck and Halfpricesoft.com, please contact www.halfpricesoft.com